God is Witness


\ Khoo - dah gah - wah hey \

Translation: God is Witness

Project title is written in Urdu - my mother tongue. A language spoken in Pakistan and India. At its core it is very poetic and sweet. Although the term “God is Witness” may sound light, in Urdu it holds weight and comes off more powerful. It is my mission to bring more light to the beauty in our language and culture through projects like these.

The duality of light and dark, day and night. How the existence of both is crucial. Living in a society where one is quick to judge you. It is our duty to look beyond the surface. Real ones will love you for your inner beauty. Naysayers will doubt your courage to walk your own path. Don’t let the outside noise in.

Only he knows what ails our heart

Only he knows our true selves, he alone is witness.....